National Association for Employee Benefits (NAFEB): Empowering Federal and Postal Service Employees


Established to serve as a premier educational resource, the National Association for Employee Benefits (NAFEB) is dedicated to both active and retired federal and Postal Service employees. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, free educational resources that enhance understanding of core level benefits.


What make NAFEB different?

  • Expert Guidance: Our certified Benefit Professionals are located across the United States, ready to provide expert advice.
  • Customized Learning: We offer a range of educational services from group seminars to individual sessions, tailored to meet your unique needs.
  • No Cost, High Value: Our educational services are completely free, ensuring you have access to essential information without financial burden.


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Our Commitment to You

At NAFEB, we value each individual and are committed to helping you make informed decisions that will benefit you throughout your lifetime. Discover how we can assist you in enhancing your understanding of your federal benefits and planning a stable, secure future.